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TomTag is an award-winning visual support system inspired by Tomas, a young boy with autism.

With a unique and innovative design, this communication tool helps children and young people develop coping strategies to manage their day, using structure, organisation and predictability – at home, at school, at DZ Circus School and when out and about.

We are proud to share that we have Partnered up with Orkid Ideas creators of TomTags Visual aids to have a versatile Visual aid to give visual structure and allow ourselves and students to keep track of what Skills we will be working on and when.

Coral one of the Directors at DZ Circus School designed icons to best represent some of the main skills taught in DZ Circus Schools CSPD (Circus Skills for People with Disabilities) sessions.

An image showing icons to represent the circus equipment used in classes.
Our Circus Skill Icons

These images were then sent to Orkid Ideas to be loaded onto our very own Circus Sticker Sheet. With amazing customer service and guidance from Clare at Orkid Ideas, we built a TomTag Kit including all the essentials needed for our classes.

the tomtags with the icons displayed in them.
What come in our Kit – Tomtags Buttons Stickers and Loops

How we Use TomTags in Class.

Using the buttons face up and then we use our fine motor skills to pop the buttons out and turn them over after finishing each skill. – We have also used different coloured TomTags to identify 2 teams of 3 in our full class.

The TomTags are very helpful in ensuring the class knows what to expect in each class and students get excited when they spot something new or a skill they haven’t tried for a while without the change coming as a shock, they understand that the TomTags show all the skills they will be working on for that session and in what order.

Coral Director at DZ Circus School

Special mention for Tesco Bags of Help who funded the purchase of these TomTags along with other aids and equipment.

Find out about:

TomTag Visual Aids –https://www.orkidideas.com

More about CSPD (Circus Skills for People with Disabilities) – https://dzcircus.co.uk/cspd-launch/

Our Grant from TESCO Bags of Help – Coming soon to our Blogs

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